Skeptical about Solos, right?


Like you I've tried pretty much every advertising medium out there and nothing comes close to Solo advertising ... or at least the way I do it. (There's a right and a wrong way.) 

See, there are only so many "solid" ways to advertise online, as a matter of fact you can probably count them on one hand. Other than Ezine advertising, the remaining main ways of getting the "right" people to your site are:

1. Search Engine Advertising.
2. Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising.
3. Big Budget Off line Advertising.
4. Banner Advertising. 

5. Text or "Contextual" Advertising.

That's it. Any other advertising falls under what I call "gimmick" or at best ... supplementary type advertising. That's not to say that you won't get visitors from them, it's just that you certainly won't get enough of the right visitors by using them exclusively for you to make any substantial money.

Some of these include the various "viral" type advertising methods that are being touted everywhere online these days. We'll address those later. First let's address the 4 main methods.


1. Search Engine advertising.

This is the ONLY free advertising that really works, but is it really free? When you consider that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightening twice in one week than you have of getting a top 10 spot (only the top 10 spots give any substantial traffic, and that's IF your keywords are popular!) in the search engines doing it by yourself ... it being free is really irrelevant, isn't it?

So if you really want top spots, you'll probably have to hire an S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization professional) to get you there and that's gonna cost you in time and money ... BIG TIME. 

Now imagine that you did all this, and you got your coveted "Top 10" spots  ... did you know that despite what the "Search Engine Optimization" people tell you ... search engine traffic converts into sales at about 3 to 4 times less than a good Solo? 

Why? I call it the "kid in the candy shop syndrome". You know ... the kid in the candy shop is exposed to soooo many different types of candy that he gets confused as to his choice. CONFUSION leads to PARALYSIS! :-) Paralysis results in no sales. 

Remember the last time you did a search for something? What happened? One gazillion sites came up. Now imagine that you're selling ABC widgets and someone did a search for ABC widgets, and saw your site within the Top 10 results. 

Do you think he or she will automatically buy from you ... or the number one site, or the number five site for that matter? There're nine of your competitors listed right beside you! Obviously this lessens your chances of making the sale.

2. "Pay Per Click" Search Engine Advertising.

It has the same disadvantages described above. (plus it can get expensive as heck!) However it can be an awesome method of advertising, if you
know the "inner secrets" of using that system. If not you will fail miserably, in a hurry.  If you DO know those secrets, you can get rich ... period. (BTW, my course teaches you those secrets.)


3. Big budget Off line advertising.

Do you have a big budget for advertising? Ok, then! :-)

4. Banner advertising.

Banner click thru rates on average are about .1% and their conversion rates are also dismal compared to Solos. They work best for "branding" these days since they are more of an indirect or subliminal form of advertising. 

5. Text or "Contextual" Advertising.

Typically the same disadvantages described as PPC.


    Now we come to viral/freebie type advertising. 


I know ... I know ... you've heard from the "Start Page" people, the "Exit Exchange" people, the “Fly In ads” people, the Screen Saver" Ads people, the “Slide In Ads” people, the “Hover Ads” people, the “Thank You ads” people etc, etc, etc. They all say theirs is the best method of promotion.  

However these mostly work on an "exchange" basis. This means by using these methods, your adverts are being shown to people just like you. That is to say people who are trying to promote their own deal ... and as such are not the best target market! 

With some methods like "Exit Exchange" adverts, you need traffic in the first place in order to accumulate "credits" so as to be able to get traffic to your sites. Sort of a "catch 22", isn't it?

Now these methods are not entirely ineffective ... they can be great as a supplementary way of generating traffic. Afterall, that's how I use them myself. (How do you think I know if they work or not? :-) 


What's that you say?  What about the "Guaranteed Visitor" people and the "Article Writing" people who also say theirs is the best?  


Well, here's the problem with "Guaranteed Visitors".  Guaranteed visitors really only means that your site is indirectly exposed to people via a pop under or in a more unlikely scenario ... a pop up.  This type of advertising has to be extremely targeted for it to be effective.  

The problem lies in the fact that most of the "categories" of people that your site will be exposed to are not. Result ... extremely poor click thrus and subsequently extremely poor sales.

Articles on the other hand, are an extremely good source of traffic ... if you are a prolific writer and you have a lot of time on your hands. Otherwise you will get just a trickle of visitors.  

Now let's first discuss "WHY" Solos to Ezine databases work the best.


1. They cover most every interest out there and are very targeted. There are hundreds of thousands of ezines out there that cater for every area of interest you can imagine, and then some! 

People sign up for these ezines and look forward to getting them every so often. Now many of these ezines offer Solo advertising to their databases and because effective Solos are matched to their intended audience, they tend to be very targeted.

2. They capture the prospects entire attention because of the fact that they are sent out by themselves. (Solo) Their readers are prospects who are only exposed to YOUR advert at any one time. Because of this, the CR (Closing Ratio or Sales conversion ratio) of this medium can be double to QUADRUPLE many of the other advertising methods out there. 

Now lets discuss why Solos may NOT have 
              worked for YOU in the past. 


1. Improper targeting.
2. Inflated subscriber numbers.
3. Poor copywriting.
4. They can be expensive.
5. Spam Filters

1. Improper targeting. Unless you really target your Solos, you will dramatically cut down on their effectiveness! I don't care how great of a meat pie recipe you sell, subscribers to the "101 ways to use Tofu in everyday cooking" ezine or newsletter are NOT gonna visit your website, much less buy your recipe! 

2. Inflated subscriber numbers. There are ezines and then there are ezines. Unfortunately as in any other business, some ezine owners can be a little less ... shall we say ... "UP FRONT" than others. 

In other words its been my experience that there can be a lot of misrepresentation with regards to the number of subscribers that newsletter publishers claim for their newsletter databases. 

How and why would this affect YOUR chances of a successful campaign with them? Well, generally the more people your Solo goes out to the more responses you should get. (All other things being equal) 

3. Poor copywriting. This is a BIGGEE! If you don't know "how" to write a creative Solo ... chances are people are not going to open your Solo ... or if they do open it, they may not click thru to your site. Professional copywriting can run you from $25 (on the very low end) to over $125 per Solo advert copy! 

4. They can be expensive. Each Solo's cost can range from $60 to $650! This is the fee you pay to the newsletter publisher for them to mail it to their database. 

5. Spam Filters. In today's climate of so much spam ... I.S.Ps have implemented spam filters that have wrecked havoc on legitimate emails going through to their intended destination. In other words, your Solo might not even be getting through to the entire database for which it was intended ... UNLESS you "optimize" your Solo so that it "passes" the filters' criteria.


For the fastest and most consistent way to make a profit ... nothing beats Solo Ezine Advertising, if you know how to do it.  So now you know what the best way of getting "Money Producing" visitors to any website is. "Money producing" visitors are the folks who buy and join, as opposed to the " idly curious" or the "freebie seeker".

You've also learned why Solos may not have worked for you in the past and why some people are not making any profits with them.  So now that you have this knowledge, how do you counter the above 5 obstacles thereby joining the top marketers who are making tons of profits using Solos?

Well, my service here at "The INNER Forum" ...

Teaches you EXACTLY how to target your Solos with laser like precision!

Reveals which are the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE ezines to advertise in.

Gives you FREE copywriting! I personally will write your ads for you!

Gives you MASSIVE Solo discounts to some of the MOST EFFECTIVE ezines!

Optimizes your Solo FOR YOU so that they go through to all of their intended recipients!


The following is what a current "Tiffer" just sent me in her copywriting request. :)


 "You are a real genius in writing ads."

Dear Colin,

You are a real genius in writing ads. Do you know that every single ad I read that you sent out, I have the feeling of urgency and absolutely wanting to join up. I actually have to tell myself that I only have limited time for my own business BUT you always succeed in tempting me, because your ads are so well written. I am slowly learning to find that which helps me in my business.

The ad I'm looking for must be short, urgent and eyecatching and I would like you to optimise, or even rewrite my ad/update as you think best. I have absolute confidence in you.

Warmest Regards,

Konstanze-Marié Ahlers
Kirchhundem – Germany


Don't forget that from time to time, I have a Solo "sale" whereby I give my "Tiffers" ("The INNER Forum" members) even further discounts on my own ezine's Solos. How much of a discount? How about 75%? That was the discount given to them the last time. 

This results in a "Tiffer" being able to pick up a Solo for now LESS than 26 bucks!  This is the same Solo which goes for up to $127!

Where else on the Internet can you purchase a "real" SOLO to more than 16,000 people for less that $26? The short answer is NOWHERE!


"these Solo sales alone make it worth it ..."

Colin, this is some service you have here! I just purchased FIVE of your discounted Solos for a total of less than $149 in this last Solo sale.

The way I figure is that even if all the other stuff that you give us as tiffers was worth NOTHING, just these Solo sales alone would make it  worth it to maintain a Tif membership!

I saved $365 in this sale and by my reckoning that's about 18 months worth of this service.  Am I ahead of the game or what!

Let me assure you that there's NOTHING online like your service. (And believe me I've searched!)

Yours truly,

Calvin S Baines. (A loyal tiffer! :)

Manchester, UK.


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