You get:

  TWO VALUABLE marketing ebooks or "utilities" every "calendar" month.

No … no … these are not your "average" freebie ebooks that everyone and their brother is giving away at their websites.  These are ebooks and utilities that I have used myself and have found tremendously helpful, in learning this whole process.


Ok … time for me to give a you a blanket statement!  

Even if you DON’T have a product, service, website or a "CLUE" … you can STILL make a KILLING online IF … you know HOW and WHERE to promote!


See there are a ton of products owned by others who'll pay you a good and sometimes even fantastic commission (like myself for my products!) to help them sell their products. They even provide websites from which to do it. Commonly known as "Affiliate Marketing" … it’s an excellent way for people to get their foot in the door so to speak.  

So assuming that you know which product to sell in terms of the best possibility of returning a profit, (some are hotter than others … others are real DUDS! By the way, I also cover this in detail in the "How To REALLY Make Money Online" course) all you have to know is "where", "how" and "with whom" to promote them.  


This DIFFERENCE between "the others" and my service is going to be the PRIMARY reason that you can finally make money online ... PERIOD.  


MOST of the "make money online" information out there have one thing in common.  At best they all give you vague information about advertising and promoting your product/opportunity and site. 

Even the folks who are recommending specific opportunities (like the MLM programs) don't give their recruits a fraction of the knowledge they should have in order to be able to sponsor and recruit like the big boys!

As a matter of fact, most programs (whether they be MLM or Internet Marketing programs) somehow leave out this crucial aspect of how and where to effectively advertise, altogether!  Or they tell you that you can use some free method of advertising/promotion or another.  

In all my experience, I've found that there are very few free advertising methods which by themselves, give you fast results ... or any results at all!

Having said that, if they do mention "paid advertising", they tell you to "try" pay per click advertising ... "try" some viral program or another ... or "try" ezine advertising. 

However they don’t tell you "which" of those specifically to advertise in. More importantly they don't tell you specifically "how" to use that advertising. (there's a right way and a wrong way to do everything!) 

A perfect example is the Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising program. If you don't know the "inner secrets" of using that system, you will fail miserably in a hurry.  If you DO know those secrets, you can get rich ... period.  My "How To REALLY Make Money Online"course covers these secrets.

These points about advertising may seem insignificant but it’s the entire reason that most people don’t make money online ... period.  Think about it ... there are millions of opportunities online to make money, mlm programs, info product programs, affiliate programs, auction programs, etc, etc.  There are even tons of "make money online" ebooks out there readily available for only US $19 to $97 (most fall in this range) yet the statistics show ...


Despite MASSIVE interest in all these opportunities and MASSIVE sales of these ebooks ... there is only a TINY percentage of people making money online! 



Because people don’t know "how" and "where" to advertise effectively. I'll reveal to you the EXACT ADVERTISING SOURCES I myself use to make sure that YOU TOO CAN MAKE WILD PROFITS!

So what’s the KING of all so called “promotion efforts” or advertising sources? Email marketing … SPECIFICALLY Solo Ezine advertising!   (Yup ... even better than Google Adwords! Even though I use that method of advertising extensively also.)



Hear me out cause I'll bet you've never employed Solo advertising the way I do it!  

In all my experience marketing online … NOTHING has brought in more TARGETED traffic and subsequently more cold hard cash than SOLO advertising. Even in this day and age of indiscriminate email "filtering/blocking" by ISP's and personal filtering because of spam etc, Solo ads (also known as Exclusive mailings) are directly responsible for where I am today and continue to be the driving source behind my various websites. 

If you have tried Solos in the past and you don't agree that it's the BEST overall way of getting money producing traffic to your sites ... there are a few  crucial reasons why. Take it from a guy who has been making a living full time for almost seven years now, almost exclusively because of Solos. Click here to see the reasons (Don't worry, a new window will open so you won't lose your place here) and then just close that window when you're done to come back.


So here are your advertising benefits …


   I'll show you the specific ezines to advertise in to get the maximum profits within just one advertising run.  
These are the very same ezines that I use to advertise all my sites. These ezines took me over a year of trial and error to find. One year of testing over one hundred and fifty ezines to find out the hard way (by actually buying ads in them) which were profitable and which ones were not. 

Of those 150 ... only a relative few had the rare combination of the enough of the right prospects. After all, you not only need the "right" people to see your offer ... but you have to have enough of them seeing it, for you to make any substantial profits!

Case in point: There is one ezine in particular that gives me an average of 1,336 targeted visitors, every time I run an ad with them!  As a matter of fact, just as an experiment I recently ran an ad with them for a totally unrelated product to their ezine's "theme" ... and got over 3,000 visitors and ninety sales!   

To put that in perspective ... did you know that 95% of all the websites online get less than 1,300 visitors ... per year? This ezine consistently gives me more than that over an average of three days!  So as you can see, there are ezines and then "there are ezines"!  Not all ezines are created equal ... despite what they ALL might claim.

This particular ezine and the rest of profitable ones that I personally use and will tell you about, are the DIRECT result of over four thousand dollars worth of ad "testing".  Believe me ... as the guy who spent that kind of money, (plus my time) this list of ezines alone is worth over twenty times the cost of a full year's membership to "The Inner Forum"!  

BTW, I do "testing" on an ongoing and current basis. (I'm always looking for new effective Solo advertising sources for myself!)  This means that whenever I find one that is profitable/effective, I pass that info onto you.  What this means is that you don't have to use your money or time to find these sources.  You're in essence using my resources to do that for you!  All at no risk to you! 


              But that's not all! 


Even though as I mentioned before you can probably sell anything if you expose it to enough of the right people, unfortunately, in order to maximize your profits, it's not enough just to advertise to the right sources ... 

In today's online marketing environment things change at a rapid pace and one of the biggest challenges marketers face nowadays is the increase of spam or junk mail.  This has now increased to an epidemic level.  How does this affect you and I? 

Well, more and more ISP'S (Internet Service Providers) are now installing anti spam filters to try to stem the flow of junk email before it even gets to the mailboxes of their customers. 

This is a great concept but the downside is that a lot of legitimate newsletter and ezine publishers are finding that their mailouts are being "filtered" or labeled "spam" ... by these oversensitive filters.

This has caused many subscribers not to receive the very newsletters, ezines or email advertisements that they have agreed to accept. What's the point of a great ad, if your prospect isn't even going to see it because it's been diverted or deleted before it even gets to them?


So how do you combat this situation? 


   Well, I'll reveal the secrets behind "OPTIMIZING" your advertisements! In other words, I'll show you how to write an ad that doesn't have certain words that "trigger" the filters. If your ad is such that you must use certain "trigger words", I'll show you how to "cosmetically" change them so that they don't trigger the filters.  

This "optimization" will ensure that your ads will get through to your prospects in the first place ... every time!  This factor alone can make or break an email marketing campaign. I don't know of anyone else who reveals this!   

Bottom line? If you want to get as much as possible out of your advertising dollars, you want to write your ads in such a way as to get as many people as possible to actually receive them. As if that wasn't enough, I'm gonna go one step further.  

Not only am I gonna teach you how to do this ... but I'm gonna do it for you! I'm gonna optimize each and every ad that you want optimized ... for you. I'm gonna do it with the best filter buster software available today.  I will be using my copy of the software to optimize YOUR ads! 

Go visit their site to see for yourself how much you would have to pay to get your own copy.  Take a quick look to see what they're selling it for and then come back.

Ok, now that you're back ... 
did you see how much money I'm saving you?


How crazy am I for doing this for you?  I'm not crazy, I believe in OVER delivering ... that's all.  I'm making this offer such a "no brainer" that you'll realize that not only will you be making money with the advertising and promotional benefits that membership offers ... but you will be LOSING money if you don't become a member with us today!

Incidentally getting your ads past the filters is just the first step to a successful email advertising campaign. You then have to get an many people as possible to click through to your website.  

So, I'll also show you how to "sell the click".  I'm going to reveal all the secrets to making your prospects want to click through from your ad to your website, so that you'll have the best chance of selling your product. I've seen the gurus selling this information alone in ebooks costing upwards of $67!   


But I’m not done yet! 


   For some of these ezines I'm gonna allow you to get MY price.  See since I’ve been a consistent advertiser with these ezines, I get a special price!  To prove it, all you have to do is visit the advertising websites directly (you'll get those links in your membership "Welcome" email) and you'll see what their rates are for the general public, as opposed to going through me!  By buying through me … you can get MASSIVE discounts.


Wait! You get even more as an "T.I.F" member!


  As a "T.I.F" (The Inner Forum) member you also get an ad personally written by me ... every "calendar" month!  Why is that a benefit? :-) Because I make my living by writing effective sales copy.  Copywriting is a skill … and apparently I’ve been blessed with it because it comes naturally to me. 

The other reason that you might appreciate how much of a benefit this is … is because of the new developments that are affecting every marketer online these days.  

I’m talking about the regulations by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission in the USA) and the CanSpam act that was passed in Jan 2004. In short, if your ad contains too much hype, unsubstantiated claims and promises … certain ezine publishers may NOT even approve it for publishing.

So the challenge now is how to write an ad that conforms to these guidelines while STILL being very effective at "selling the click"!  Since this what I do full time … I have had to adapt to these guidelines while still producing ads that sell the click. 

If you ever research what copy writers charge for writing sales and ad copy etc, you'll realize that this benefit in itself is worth more to you than your membership ... many, many times over.


As a T.I.F" (The Inner Forum) member you also get a chance to get MASSIVELY DISCOUNTED SOLOS to my own ezine ... The Straight Talker's Forum! Every "season", I hold my "Seasonal Solo Sale" where I almost give away a limited number of Solo slots to my members. 

How much of a discount does this amount to?  How about getting Solos that would normally go from upwards of $127 ... for LESS than $26!  That's right, that's not a typo! Less than twenty six bucks for a Solo that normally goes for $127!  This is only available to "Tiffers".  The "public" had to pay full price so it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a mathematician to figure out why some people join T.I.F just to get these discounted Solos! BTW, the next one is starting VERY soon. Another reason to join us today! 


Ok, as if ALL OF THE ABOVE wasn’t enough ... you get one more thing!


  As an "T.I.F" member, you get put into a "pool" and a winner is drawn every "calendar" month for two FREE "Personalized AND Optimized” Solo ads to my ezine the "Straight Talker's Forum"! (S.T.F)  That’s a $200.00 value!  Is it worth it to be placed in this pool to be eligible for this monthly prize?  Well, don’t just take MY word for it … listen to some excerpts of what the following folks had to say about advertising in the S.T.F!

 "I have only one thing to say.  Terrific results!"

I purchased a solo ad from you a few weeks ago.  I have only one thing to say.  Terrific results!  I've purchased solo advertising in about 6 other different ezines and not a one has even come close to giving me the results expected.  The day the ad ran I made 6 sales that very same day.  What a feeling!  A few more sales trickled in after that, but overall it was a great success.  I'm definately going to advertise with you again.

Saul Giminez
Hillsdale MI.


"had (for me) great success."

Hi Colin,

I ran a solo a few weeks ago for RAD, & had (for me) great success. 270 clicks, 80 odd subscribers. My question....what's your opinion on running subsequent solos? Good idea? Should I keep the same ad? Change it? Change the subject? Any ideas welcomed. 

Best Regards, 
Bruce Stevens.  
"Count me in as a repeat advertiser!"
A 2.5% CTR in THIS day and age of spam filters etc?  Amazing!  Count me in as a repeat advertiser!  Bill West.
"yours is the MOST responsive list I've ever advertised to."

Ok, Colin ... yours is the MOST responsive list I've ever advertised to.  I'd like to think that it's my ad, but I suspect that it's your subscribers! :-) Nigel Harris.
"My goodness!  Where do you get your subscribers from?!"
My goodness!  Where do you get your subscribers from?!  Even your classified ads within your newsletter pull well! I guess that's because there's only three per issue as opposed to every other newsletter that I'm subscribed to.  By the way ... thank you for your excellent customer service.  There's nothing that builds credibility like great customer service!  So many times I've written marketers with inquiries and NOTHING, no response.  The way you dealt with me is a refreshing change!

Thanks again,

Delta Parsons.
"joined TIF JUST to get those Solo discounts"
In this day and age it's tough to find good effective advertising sources.  When you do find one, you have to cherish it like a long lost child.  When you get a deal on it's Solos, you jump on it like a fat kid on a  smartie! Colin, as you know I'm a long time advertiser with the S.T.F, paying FULL PRICE for your Solos. Yes, they were worth it but needless to say when I heard about this offer, I'm not embarrassed to say that I was one of those who joined TIF JUST to get those Solo discounts every season.  As a matter of fact not only do I enjoy the discounts but I buy the Solos in bunches as you allow us advertisers to "bank" them.  How sweet is that!  I don't know of ANY other publisher who does this.
Charlie Sue Ping

 So ... what are all these benefits worth to YOU?  


Well, chances are you've joined a bunch of freebie "pay to click, read or surf" or "refer your friends, family and everyone else opportunities" or some affiliate program or another and you’re yet to make a dime online. Or at best you're making $10 to $20 checks. 

Maybe you've bought a bunch of the "make money online with this or that” ebooks and you realize what I said about them is true.  Even the ones that do recommend Solo advertising don’t tell you "which" of those specifically to advertise in (or "HOW" to do it!) ... to put money in your pocket Besides a lot of the information created in "make money online" ebooks are outdated by the time you get them. Maybe you've spent hundreds of dollars in "tools" and "deals" and you’re still no farther ahead. 

Unlike those sources of information, I will report all the stuff that works and doesn’t, in the current marketing environment on an ongoing basis in your course. As soon as I discover a product or service that helps me … or I discover a strategy or a tip that increases my bottom line … you get to hear about it! 

As an example, I just discovered a little strategy that increased my Google Adword ads' response by more than a few hundred percent!  What do you think that kind of info would be worth to you?  I would venture to say .... many, many, many times your "T.I.F" membership fee! Every single aspect of internet marketing that I know will be covered in detail on a bi weekly (every two weeks) basis. 


However I can't emphasize the following "money making" fact enough ... but I'm gonna try anyway! 


The number one reason why you will finally make money online is because of access to the advertising benefits, sources, methods and secrets that your membership to my service will give you. See ... even with all my products, knowledge and experience ... if I didn't have these sources to use myself ... I wouldn't make a dime either ... and THAT'S NO EXAGGERATION!  



 "I've enjoyed discounts as high as  73%!"

I've taken part in your Seasonal Solo sale every Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter for the past two years, and I've enjoyed discounts as high as  73%! This typically results in me being able to pick up Solos for LESS than 30 bucks!  Where else on the Internet can you purchase a "real" SOLO to almost 16,000 people for less that $30? The short answer is NOWHERE!


Jeffrey Bales  


So what do you think the cost of membership is? :-)


                     Well, let's summarize what you get and put a value on the benefits



EVERYTHING I know about making money online … period ... PLUS recommendations on the BEST affiliate programs, products and services. Value? Based on what I'm making ... I'd say "priceless".

  FREE copywriting for ONE Solo ad EVERY "calendar" month for ANY product or opportunity that you’re promoting.  Value? Average of $50-$125 per month.    

  TWO FREE marketing ebooks and / or utilities EVERY "calendar" month - Value? $38 to $120 per month.

  MY private list of EFFECTIVE Solo ad advertising sources, updated every time I find more effective sources. Value? PRICELESS! 

  MASSIVE DISCOUNTS for SOLO ads to some of these sources.  Value? Hundreds of dollars per month.

  TWO FREE SOLO ADS are awarded EVERY "calendar" month to a lucky member.  You get a chance every month to win two SOLO ads to the S.T.F database of over 16,000 of your fellow subscribers for any product, service or opportunity that you’re promoting. Value? $25400 per month.

  A WHOPPING 60%+ DISCOUNT ON ANY S.T.F SOLO AD!  The goal is for the discount to increase to 100%! Since my service started in November, 2003 the discount has already increased twice!

On my highest priced ad (A "Personalized" and "Optimized" Solo) that's a savings of $50+! That "discount" is almost the cost of THREE months membership right there! Value? UNLIMITED ... based on the number of ads that you may purchase.


HUGE (80%+!) DISCOUNTS ON S.T.F SOLOS IN MY SEASONAL SOLO SALES!  Sometimes the difference between making a profit and losing on advertising is so close that your purchase price can make a big difference.  You'll be hard pressed to "lose" when you're paying less that 26 bucks for one of these Solos!  Value? UNLIMITED ... based on the number of ads that you may purchase.

  FREE "OPTIMIZATION" OF ANY AD COPY THAT YOU WANT!  Using my filter buster software I am going to optimize any ad (or make safe to go through the filters to their destination) that you want optimized. Value? $99 per year.   


Total value for a "T.I.F" membership is at least $400.00 plus per month.


(Remember this figure is excluding the value of the "How to REALLY make money online" course specifics that I cover and the massive savings you get from my "Season Solo Sales" and the other stuff that I couldn't even put a value on!)  

In doing my research of the meager competition that there is out there ... I found that folks were being charged anywhere up to $15.00 to $27.95 monthly just for the kind of stuff that I cover in my course!  

I couldn't even find any competition that offered my advertising benefits, if I did, I'd bet they'd be charging no less than $400 ... cause if you add them up individually, that's the total going rate for these services.

However I figured that I would "over deliver" by giving you the $400 worth of these money making benefits ... every month, for a measly $29.97 $19.97 a month ... for today!  

Since the introductory rate of $16.97 back in November 2003, the rate for this level has gone up TWICE already (to $19.97 and then to $29.97) because of the value that it represents and the demand that it has created!  

However just for the next few days ... as a gift to you I'm reducing memberships back to $19.97 ... for now!  After this, it will be going up one last time any day now to its final price of $39.97 per month. That will at least partially reflect its true and complete value.   

However here are my rates for now

T.I.F membership: $29.97 $19.97* per month.
(*Special discount for a few days only!) 


You get it all for a measly $29.97 $19.97 per month ... (Special discount for a few days only).  To put the value of this into perspective .. any one of the seven monthly benefits (we itemized their individual values earlier) that you get for this level is worth more by itself ... than your entire monthly subscription!  


But wait!  It gets even better!  


Don't even commit yourself to the monthly membership, and don't even take my word for it about how "great" this is ... I invite you to try it for just ONE month ... if I don't deliver ... just cancel! 

By the way, taking advantage of one of the benefits in particular (getting my discount for certain SOLO ads) just one time, is worth the equivalent of almost four months worth of membership! Now if that doesn’t get your fire burnin' ... your wood’s wet! :-)


For those who act now ...

You get my latest creation called *Niche Formula  EXPOSED*! for free! I'm only doing this for new members for a limited time ... after all I sell it for $57 here ... but for a limited time you can now get it for free!

If you’re anything like me … you procrastinate now and again even when something seems like a "fantastic deal”. So to get you to jump on this now I'm gonna make this an even more attractive offer. 

If you order now I'm gonna throw in an amazing bonus report called "How To Create A MASSIVE Blog Traffic Vortex"! 

Marketing online successfully is all about getting TARGETED traffic. Unless you've lived under a rock in the last little while you have to know that "blogging" is one of the hottest trends online today. There is NOTHING like this amazing report to show you in simple and to the point terms how you can create massive traffic from this trend! This report alone is worth many months of membership and you get it free!!!  (*NEW!* You can now rebrand it and SELL it yourself! You'll get the simple "how to" instructions within the report!)


   Not enough to make you take action now?

Ok, just in case you’re a DIE HARD procrastinator, here's the real reason that you simply must jump on this awesome program ...



Membership will be limited to 200 people only.  Why?  Well, remember all members get an ad written by me for free every "calendar" month?  Well, I can only write so many per month. In any case, membership is growing so fast that I'll be reaching that limit any time now ... (I'm not surprised since today it takes less than 20 bucks to get you in!) so don't hesitate ... join now!

Oh and by the way ... since a lot of the feedback that I've received seems to suggest that people think "it seems to good to be true", (because of the fact that my fees are so low) I will be raising the price to the final rate as soon as I hit a certain number of members. (even before I hit the 200 member limit!) Believe me you'll kick yourself if that happens before you join and you have to pay more because of procrastination! :-)

   But wait ... there's a catch to becoming a member!

You know there's always a catch! :-)  Don't worry ... this "catch" is painless and it won't cost you a cent.  As a matter of fact it may just help you to make even more money online.  In any case, the "catch" is ... in order to be a member of "The Inner Forum", you have to subscribe to my free newsletter ... the "Straight Talker's Forum". (S.T.F) That's it! I told you it was painless! :-)

On the contrary, if you're not one of my 16,000 plus subscribers yet …when you see what you get for being one, you'll want to subscribe! :-)  Therefore in my humble opinion it's not a "catch", it's a bonus!

Besides it's free, so if you haven't already subscribed from our home page, just go back there and take the 30 seconds needed to subscribe to the S.T.F, and then you’re welcome to come back here to join us! (Remember, just for joining you get that killer freebie that will put money into your pocket!)


 "the freebie did make me some money ..."

Ok, the freebie did make me some money ... but it's only when I utilized The Inner Forum that I really started realizing its full potential!

Orson Patterson.  Cardiff Wales. 


"your course made my income from the freebie supertip ebook explode!"

The concept of that freebie is amazing.  I especially like "the magic button"!  It certainly worked like magic to make me money.  It's a good thing too because I don't have a product to sell so this is awesome!  BTW, that promotional tip that you taught in your course made my income from the supertip ebook explode!

Ralph G, Wittington.   Chicago, Ill



  Good! Just read and agree to the following "Membership Policy" and let's get cracking!



              Membership Policy.


I understand that ...'s "service" is Internet Marketing information PLUS Advertising benefits provided to me via email and/or webpage, at a frequency that is subject to change. 

This membership service is also subject to's "Terms Of Service" (T.O.S) located at 

I will be charged on a monthly basis (every 30 days) for this service regardless of the frequency of its delivery, and I can stop or cancel my membership at any time without notice. (or its officers) shall not be held liable in any way (financially or otherwise) for the non deliverance or non fulfillment of its "service" due to any "technical" problems, whether at your end or from its end.  

These can include but are not limited to ... mailing list servers being down, I.S.P service "interruptions", web host server down time, etc.  Having said that will do everything in its power to deliver its service in a timely fashion. can discontinue this service at any time, as long as 30 days of email notice is given to me … the member.  

There is a strict no refund policy of membership fees attached to this service. reserves the right to increase or decrease the frequency of the course portion of my membership (how often I get it) ... as long as 30 days of email notice is given to me … the member. can raise the rates for its service at any time but I understand that as current member ... MY rates are "locked in" and as such will always remain the same. 

In order to purchase a membership and be able to continue to be a member of's service, I must be a current subscriber to the highly acclaimed free newsletter ... the "Straight Talker's Forum". 

In the event that it is verified that I am not a current subscriber to the S.T.F ... my membership to "The Inner Forum" can be terminated without notice. also reserves the right to refuse new memberships from anyone at its own discretion.   



Questions? Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ's) here!


BTW, just in case you just don't believe that I really can help YOU make money online ... 


I'm going to do something that I've never seen ANYONE ELSE DO ... I'm going to show you proof that I can back up the claims I make on this site.  

In all my browsing on the net ... I've never seen any "money making" sites show any proof, that THEY'RE successfully doing what they claim to be able to teach YOU to do!  

Maybe they need you to "purchase" or "join" (or whatever their deal is) in order to make money? Hmmm ... food for thought huh? :-) Go check out the proof and then come right back to join us!



Warm regards,

Colin G Moses

Editor: The StraightTalker's Forum


P.S. Remember that membership is restricted to 200 people and the price will also be going up its final price of $39.97 per month any day now ... so join us right now!

P.P.S. I would bet everything I own that you won't find ANY other service offering the kind of value that I'm gonna give you ... for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day!  I'm so confident of that statement that I'd be willing to pay you to find one, so that I can join it! :-)

P.P.P.S.  Spend $29.97 $19.97 today and for the next 30 days: 

Experience the cutting edge secrets of my "How to REALLY make money online" course ...
Utilize my secret copywriting strategies ...
Take advantage of my huge discounts for the most effective Solo ads ...
Get a couple of really hot ebooks/software/utilities ...
Use my optimization services on an UNLIMITED basis ...
Get access to my private list of profitable ezine Solo sources and ... 

For a limited time get *Niche Formula  EXPOSED*! for free!
Get discounts for ANY ad ( Solos included) to my own ezine. (Which has the HIGHEST click through ratio of any ezine that I've ever advertised to!) Last but not least .... ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY ONLINE! 

So lock in your "
Special discount for a few days only" price, and get $400 worth of benefits for $29.97 $19.97 today. Use them over the next 30 days ... and if you haven't made money at the end of the 30 days ... I invite you to cancel .. no hard feelings. (You even get to keep the bonuses!  :-)  Remember, $29.97 $19.97 today is all that stands between you and that elusive goal of finally being able to make money online!

P.P.P.P.S.  BTW, there's a benefit that I'm working on ... which is not even covered here (since it's an "unofficial" benefit) whereby members can literally be given cash (not "value" ... cold hard CASH) ... every month.  That should inject a level of fun into your membership, don't ya think? :-) 


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