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Dear Friend … 

You probably don't know me from a hole in the ground, (you can read a little about me here) but I've been quietly making a very comfortable full time living online for eight years now, with several successful websites. The best part is that I do it from the comfort of my own home!

During that time I've even seen some "Big names" disappear off the Internet marketing scene so I must be doing something right! :) I also publish a highly acclaimed weekly newsletter.  

If you do know me you know that I'm a bit of a "Straight Talker", (even though I'm no Internet Marketing "Guru"!) so the first thing I'm gonna tell you is that this is not your "typical" site. However its benefits can help you make money like never before ... whether you're new or not ... or whether or not you already have a product that you're selling or a Biz Opp that you're promoting. With that said, let me welcome you to ... 



"The INNER Forum"  

 "Leading YOU to HEAPS of PROFITS!"

$500, $5,000 ...

even $10,000 per month.


Read on to see why THIS is NOT your "typical" site!


 "It's ENTIRELY because of The Inner Forum that I FINALLY made money"

Colin, you da man! Not only have you provided me with SPECIFICS on making money online ... but you also provide the PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE with which to do so! It's ENTIRELY because of The Inner Forum that I FINALLY made money from my affiliate program! ($149 last week) Rafael "Bobo" Ortiz.


First of all, I can confidently say that my service addresses the one thing that prevents 99% of people from making money online! Therefore I'd respectfully suggest that you send the next 5 minutes of your time to read this entire page. After all, the only way to make an intelligent evaluation of something new ... is to get all the facts, right?


        NEW!! NEW!! NEW!!

This is for the people who just want to make a couple hundred to a couple thousand bucks "extra" a month. Check it out of you're one of these people and then come back here (the link opens in a new window so you won't lose your spot) to see how you can make a FULL TIME income. Click here for "extra money" now.


          So what's "The Inner Forum"? 


In short it's an exclusive community! It's where folks are taught exclusive, cutting edge, specific and current strategies on making money online on an ongoing basis. This is even if you don't have a product or even if you're not involved in a business opportunity!  A perfect example is one of my course modules covering a very popular "buzzword" online ... Niche Marketing.


Make money right away!

Right up upon joining, members get not one, not two ... but THREE of the top products I myself currently sell ... to be able to make money with.  This along with my advertising sources (both free and otherwise) allows a brand new member to make money right away! Not tomorrow or next week ... right away! 


The freebie ebook (Supertips) that I give away just for joining my newsletter has been reportedly (feedback from members) making people a lot of money fast, when combined with the principles I teach in my "How to REALLY make money online" course!


Even more importantly (in my humble opinion) this service also gives members the info on where to find the most effective advertising sources online. It then teaches them how to use this advertising for maximum profit, for any business opportunity or Internet marketing product! 

In addition, there are also many more valuable promotional and advertising benefits ... details of which are covered further on. After all, the number one reason why most people are not making money online, is because they don't know how or where to advertise effectively. 


 "when I saw The Inner Forum I jumped at it immediately!"

Colin, when I saw The Inner Forum I jumped at it immediately! I'm promoting the net's best ALL-in-ONE internet marketing solution, and now I have great inside knowledge to help me. Thanks! Darryl West.               


So here’re the details of what YOU get!

In my "How to REALLY make money online" course portion of this service, I cover the three fundamentals needed to make money online.  That is to say ...


 Creating and/or finding something/s to sell.

 Establishing mediums through which to sell it/them.

Finding people to buy what you have to sell!



Learn the "Insider Secrets" to the latest craze online ... "Niche Marketing"! See how one little site brings in over $1,000 a month without a whole lot of demand! I'll teach you how to set up many sites like these.  Multiply $1,000 by the amount of similar sites that you'll be able to set up once you learn these techniques and you'll understand why folks are joining just to learn this!   

You will learn the inner secrets to advertising with the Google Adwords program in my "Google Adwords Insider Tips and Tricks" series of course modules. Stuff like how to chop your overhead costs in HALF thereby DOUBLING your return on investment. I'll show just how a TINY cosmetic change in your ads (so small that you won't even be able to tell the difference until I point it out to you!) can increase their CTR (click through ratio or how many people click on it) by up to 300%!


 "Your Inner Forum is great."

Your Inner Forum is great. It's the answer to my list building problems. I'll team it with my 1,000,000 Free Visitors and watch sales go through the roof!
Warm regards, George Wright. 


  The importance of “Branding” … how to create your own brand name ... for next to nothing!

  How to create and maintain a simple, yet effective DIRECT SELLING money making website within minutes.  I'll even show you how you can do this for free.

  I’ll show you how to create your very own "Info Product" that people will want! 


 "You teach the average Joe to succeed"

Colin...You know what's so great about the The Inner Forum? Not once do I hear the word "Guru"! You teach the average Joe to succeed, in a straightforward, understandable style, just as I do with the "anybody can do it" system of the 50K Team.

Bruce Stevens        


I'll show you how you can effectively market other peoples' *hot selling* Info Products! You can use their * sales pitch*, their website, their delivery methods and their collections! Most importantly I’ll show you which ones are "Hot sellers"! 

  I'll show you how NOT to lose commissions while selling these products.  I’ll show you how to protect yourself from "commission highjackers".  The average affiliate is losing up to 60% in their already meager commissions to these highjackers! 

   I'll show you the "numbers" to this business. It’s been said that life is a numbers game and nowhere is this as true as in this business. This info is crucial in determining whether it is worth it to do certain types of advertising … to sell certain types of products .. or to use certain types of marketing strategies, etc.

  I'll show you how and where to find the most effective free advertising. I’ll also show you everything I know about "tracking" … another crucial aspect of managing your business. If you don’t know how your campaigns are doing you won’t even know if you're losing money! 

In other words, you’ll learn simple ways to track your advertising to see which campaign is more effective than others ... I’ll even teach you how you can do it for free! 

   I'll teach you how to write what they call "killer sales copy"  … the kind that makes people want to buy … People don’t want to be sold … they want to feel like they've "bought" … I’ll teach you simple ways to facilitate that.  It’s no fluke that my websites convert at an average rate of about 4%! (Double the industry standard!)

   I'll teach you "Internet speak" … how to recognize scams … "pie in the sky" promises and general bogus “opportunities” out there.  I’ll teach you the ins and outs of why some things work and others just can't or won't.  Believe me I’ve tried MORE than a few!  You’ll be able to evaluate any “opportunity” based on some simple criteria …

   I’ll show you how to add a little “extra” something to your site that can dramatically increase your sales. I’ll teach you how less is more … and when "more" can be even MORE …

   I’ll show you how to build more perceived value into your product to make it feel like it’s a "steal" to buy from you

   I'll show you how to create viral promotional campaigns for your business so that OTHERS will be promoting your business for you while you sleep! (Great for MLM programs!)

  I'll show you how to accept order processing from credit cards and checks from your websites. I’LL GIVE YOU the options … why one is better than the other  … and for what situations.

   I’ll teach you all about pricing … when to raise your price … when to drop your price … when to offer deals … when to offer "steals"!  I'll teach you how RAISING your price can INCREASE your sales.

  I'll show you simple, effective and fast ways to build your own money making "list". No, these are not "co-registration" leads etc … these are your OWN leads!

  I'll teach you how to build YOUR list while selling other people's products. How'd you like to get over FORTY PERCENT of the people you send to your vendor's site to join YOUR list?

   I'll reveal the secrets to effective pay per click advertising and how doing it the right way can be wildly profitable … and how doing it the wrong way can literally drive you out of business. 

  I'll show you how to pre qualify your potential pay per click (PPC) customers so that only serious folks come over to visit your site.  You don’t want free loaders and "tire kickers" if you’re paying for each visitor!

  I'll show you how to correctly use your autoresponders and how you can use them in a way to pre screen your prospects in addition to the usual following up that this great tool does. 

  I'll teach you the correct sequence of following up … the right mix of keeping prospect warm while at the same time not harassing them to the point of them not wanting to do business with you! Using autoresponders correctly can increase the chances of converting browsers into customers ... by up to 800%! 

  I'll teach you who the real affiliates are … and how and where to find them and why the average affiliate is no good to you!

  I'll also teach you how to fully automate your entire selling process so that it’s completely "hands off" … you can go away and come back to more money than when you left.

   I’ll show you how you can give away your products initially and by doing so increase your sales by up to 300%! 

   I’ll show you how to take advantage of “wasted traffic” and cheap "useless" traffic …. to create "valuable" traffic so that you'll sell even more products! 

   I’ll reveal how to take advantage of your neglected “website real estate” and how you can turn it into a potential goldmine.  

   I’ll also teach you what not to do, while putting this very strategy in place  … I’ll show you how doing it the wrong way can allow others to STEAL your products from you!

   I'll teach you where and how "pop ups" and "pop unders" can be most effective … and where they are completely not.  I’ll show you a "pop under" that gets a 7% CTR! (Click through Ratio. How many people click through to your site) That is unheard of for a "pop under"!  To put that in perspective, the average "pop under" gets half of one percentage point for its CTR. So this one gets FOURTEEN times the average! 

  I'll teach you an amazing strategy that can get you a whopping 33% of all your visitors to IMMEDIATELY become your affiliates.

It can get 90% of all your customers to become your affiliates within 20 minutes of purchasing! 

It can get 100% of your affiliates advertising for you LITERALLY within minutes of becoming your affiliates. 

It can get you traffic from the top search engines without you even being listed! 

This strategy had DOUBLED my TARGETED traffic OVERNIGHT for free ... and made me over $7,500 (125 units by $60) in sales in just under 16 weeks from just one website.


I could go on and on about the stuff you get in the course … but I've got to get to your promotional and advertising benefits ... 



Mailing Address:
67 Amroth Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4C 4H3
Tel: 416 726 4482

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