Frequently Asked Questions.


I'm a "Guru" and I know most everything about making money online and I AM making money online ... so why is this service worth anything to me?

I don't know of anyone ("Guru" or otherwise) who is not interested in discovering new and cost effective promotional mediums that work!

Believe me, if I could find another service out there that gave me $400.00 plus worth of monthly advertising / promotional benefits for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day ... I'D be jumping on it! 


What if I want to "try" out a membership ... am I "locked" in for any period of time?

Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, that's why I invite you to try it for just ONE month ... use my benefits and if you don't make money, simply cancel! (and keep the bonuses!)

It's amazing how many letters I've gotten from people who joined just to see if I could deliver ALL the value that I've promised ... for the money I charge. :-)  Having said that instead of people canceling (Over 80% of all my original members are still with me since Nov 2003!) ... people send me comments like this:


 "even though I'd heard that you were good ... THAT ad was amazing."

Dear Colin,

I'd seen an ad that you wrote with the headline saying something about "Hippos".  I have to tell you that even though I'd heard that you were good ... THAT ad was amazing.  It made me click through to something that I'd seen a dozen times! Needless to say THAT convinced me! 

My friend, you could offer copywriting as a standalone service and make a killing.  Take it from someone who has hired copywriters before!  They charge fifty to ONE HUNDRED times what you charge for your ENTIRE inner forum membership! Kudos to you! I'm glad I got in before you raised your price! 


Roger A Speigle.  Madrid, Spain. 


How do I cancel?

Just a simple email to me will do it.  I will then email you back with your cancellation confirmation.    


What's the catch? Why is this service so cheap compared to the "competition"?  Standalone copywriting alone can cost upwards of $50 to $125 per piece ... and that's just ONE of your benefits!

There's no catch. The fact is that if I make it affordable for everyone ... more people can get involved. Therefore collectively ,,, I get compensated adequately and individually, you get the information and services you need for next to nothing in cost. So it's a "WIN ... WIN" situation for me and YOU!


Yeah but the lowest rates that the competition offers is $27.95 per month just for the kind of stuff that you say you cover in your "How to REALLY make money online" course! Surely your membership can't be very valuable if you're pricing it at the price of less that a good dinner!

Is that a statement or a question? :-) Ok, please remember that "the competition" is selling their service to "all and sundry", (everyone! :-) whereas this whole project was initially born out of my desire to help MY newsletter subscribers.  These are the people whom I've developed relationships with over the years. You might say it's my way of giving back.

Having said that, everyone (friends and associates) seems to feel that I am giving too much away for what I'm charging.  Therefore I will be raising the price (this does not affect current members) to its final rate of $39.97 per month any day now!    

 "I really enjoy your service"

Hi Colin,
I really enjoy your service and feel that my TIF Membership is money well spent. Thanks Colin for all your help.
Warm Regards,
Rob Witty


Why do I have to be a S.T.F subscriber to be a T.I.F ( member? 

Plain and simple? This was originally created strictly for current S.T.F subscribers to help them out even MORE in their online money making efforts. In any case when you see what you get for FREE for being an S.T.F subscriber, you'll want to subscribe to the S.T.F!


Yeah, but why do I have to stay a S.T.F subscriber in order to be able to sign up and continue as a T.I.F member?

Because I don't want to compromise the integrity of my S.T.F database.  Believe it or not, this decision is for the benefit of YOU as a T.I.F member.  Remember as a member you get discounted advertising (and chances to win FREE advertising) to the S.T.F etc. 

What would that be worth if everyone came over to T.I.F and there was no one left at the S.T.F?  What would advertising to the S.T.F be worth to you, the T.I.F member then?  That situation might be great for me ... but for you ... not so great.


Does this mean that as a S.T.F subscriber I will now get bombarded with advertising?

Not at all!  As a matter of fact the S.T.F format does not change in the least.  Currently as an S.T.F'er you only receive two SOLO ads per week (with the option of not receiving any at all!) for a total of eight per month.  It just means that now those SOLOS might be coming from a T.I.F member so the amount of ads that S.T.F'ers receive remains the same.

 "Count me in as a "TIFFER" for a long, long, long time!" 

Since I'm already a member and have locked in my price, I can afford to tell you this. :-) You're really NOT a Guru! Why the hell else would you not be charging 10 times more than what you do?  I just had a Top Sponsor in your ezine that got 142 clicks!!!  ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO RESPONSES FOR A TOP SPONSOR?????? That's a 1.42% CTR!  (Maybe it's because YOU wrote it for me? smile!)

The average Solo nowadays pull on average between 1% to 2%. (Or at least that has been MY experience for Solos to other lists) The best part is that I paid $18.75 for the top sponsor!!!! I can't wait for my Solo to run next week! Count me in as a "TIFFER" for a long, long, long time! 

Patricia Solomon. Manchester. UK.


So how does this whole "process" work? 

Very simply ... when you click the order link ... you'll be taken to my order page where you can place your order for your membership. After your payment goes through, you will automatically be taken to my "Thank you" page.  There you will immediately get a valuable membership gift. (yes ... a surprise gift I didn't even mention on the preceding page ... even MORE of a reason to sign up now!)  

The "Thank You" page will NOT have your enrollment information. However just filling in a form on that page with your name and email address will instantly send you your "Welcome letter" and enrollment information.  

During this process your identity will be automatically matched to your identity remitted to me with your payment information. This is just a verification measure on my part ... you know ... to prevent any "accidental" unauthorized memberships! :-)  

Keep in mind that you are not gaining access to a "membership area". There is no need for one because of how this service is set up.   

 "yours is the ONLY service which ..."

Did you know that yours is the ONLY service which even offers "Optimization" of Solos as a free extra?  Where do you find the time? I have to say ... I've only been with you for two months so far but I am yet to find ANY service that comes CLOSE to yours in value, affordability (And I'm a cheapskate!) and RESULTS!  


Walter Argonis.  Sault Ste Marie.

P.S. Despite what you say ... I think you're a Guru! (smile) 


How and when does my subscription/membership start ... and how soon do I get to take advantage of these benefits?

Your membership is in force immediately upon joining. Therefore you can take advantage of your advertising benefits as a member immediately and at any time after enrollment

For example ... you will gain immediate access to my top performing Solo ad sources ... you can immediately submit a request for copywriting, optimization etc. (typically you get your ad written within 24 to 48 hours of your request)

Additionally, your "How to REALLY make money online" course modules will be emailed to you on the SECOND and LAST SUNDAYS of every month.   


When do I get billed?

You get billed at the time of ordering/joining and then every 30 days from the date that you ordered/joined, unless you cancel of course!


Why is there a "No refund" policy?

I am not offering refunds because of the nature of a subscription / monthly payment model. It's kind of like any other subscription or monthly payment service that you're currently paying for. Eg.  If you decided to switch cable TV companies ... you would not get a refund of your monthly payments that you paid up to that point! :-) However remember, you can cancel at any time without any questions. 


If I enrolled at the $29.97 (now $19.97 for now) price and six months down the road, you decided to raise the price ... will my price go up?

NO! Any "price increase" will be offered to new subscribers since people who are already "in" ... have locked in their fees. (Regardless of if they got in on a discount rate or not) Whatever rate you paid to join ... is the rate that you will continue to pay for the duration of your membership, therefore your fees will never go up!


As a T.I.F ( member ... how will you know if I'm maintaining my S.T.F subscriber status?

Hee hee! Like I'm gonna tell you that!  Just be assured that I have ways to verify such things! :-)


Suppose someone cancels their membership ... and then tries to get re-signed up as a T.I.F member for free ... because they have the "Thank You" page Url ... how do you prevent that? 

SNEAKY! :) The "Thank You" page does NOT have your enrollment information. This is specifically to prevent any unauthorized enrollments. Again ... be assured that I have certain checks and balances in place that will immediately notify me of that situation. 


Will I be receiving classified ads, articles and other "typical newsletter stuff" within the course portion of my membership/subscription?

Nope ... the course portion of this service is just gonna be HARD CORE "How to REALLY make money online" information from me to you ... period.  It will therefore be more of an ongoing, online marketing course as opposed to a typical newsletter or ezine.  


 "you answer emails promptly ..."

Hi Colin,

Why don't you have an affiliate program for this service?? With all the fantastic stuff that you offer I could sell the heck out of this and make some serious ADDITIONAL dough for myself!  I am so excited about this service that I can't stand it! First of all ... you are a very warm and personable guy, (thanks for taking the time to answer ALL my silly questions on the phone) you answer emails promptly AND your service is fantastic value.  I have paid more than what you charge monthly for such "services" as safelist memberships etc ... and their results SUCK compared to yours.  THANK YOU AGAIN!

Sabrina Keller. Whistler, British Columbia


I'm kinda confused by the "FREE copywriting for ONE Solo ad per "calendar" month for ANY product or opportunity that I'm promoting" benefit. What is this really?  An ad to the S.T.F database? 

This is any ad that you may want to use to promote a product or service that you might be promoting ... to ANY advertising source or database. (Mine or otherwise) For instance ... suppose you were an affiliate for XYZ product and you intended to buy a SOLO ad to ABC source/database. 

I would write the actual ad text for you ... it's as simple as that.  You just tell me the product or service ... show me the site that you want your visitors to go to and I will write/create a SOLO ad that "sells the click" to that site! You can then use that ad where ever you want to.     

 "It's worth TWICE what I've paid ..."


I'm flabberghasted Colin! Your solo ad is awesome! It's worth TWICE what I've paid for your InnerForum membership.... and I get all those other benefits too!



Regarding the "FREE copywriting for ONE Solo ad per *calendar* month" benefit ... suppose I don't need you to write an ad for me in a given month ... can I accumulate these offers ... in other words ... say in November I didn't need to have you write one for me ... can I have you write two ads in December? 

Do you mean ... can you "bank" or "carry forward" this benefit? Unfortunately not.  The reason for that is very simple. The very reason for restricting the number of "Tiffers" to 200 in the first place, is because there are only so many ads that I can write in any given month. I figured about 200 ads. 

Can you imagine a scenario where say ... 30 members carried over my offer from one given month to another? I'd have to write 230 ads that next month! So the short answer is ... you only get ONE copywritten ad per "calendar" month regardless of if you take me up on it or not. :-)


I keep reading "every calendar month" for a lot of the benefits.  What do you mean by that?

Well, "calendar month" means within one of the twelve months of the calendar as opposed to me saying "every month" from the time of subscription. For instance ... let's say you joined on November 7th ... and you get a SOLO ad copywritten for you ... every calendar month. 

That means that you can get one written in November, one in December, in January etc.  I just didn't want the possibility of people getting confused and thinking that they're getting those benefits monthly ... meaning every "30 days" from the start of their membership. 


It seems to me as if this is an advertiser's dream.  I mean even if you're a "Guru" and you know everything about making money online ... just the monthly advertising benefits from this membership alone are obviously worth much more than what you're charging. So why are you not charging more for it? I'M SKEPTICAL, DAMMIT!

Well, that's true ... but not only "Gurus" want or need to advertise!  This way ... any member (whether a "newbie" or a "Guru") can benefit. Besides if I charged the $350.00 plus monthly that the service is really worth, only "Guru's" might be able to afford it! :-)  

 "The only reason I joined your service is because ..."

Colin, since you're a self proclaimed "Straight Talker", I'll be frank. The only reason I joined your service is because of the unheard of member discount on your Solo ads!  Being a former advertiser of yours and paying MUCH more for a Solo than what you're offering TIF members, it just made sense since the membership cost PLUS the member price for a Solo was still not as much as I paid in the past for one of your Solos.  Imagine my amazement when I found out that your other services like the copywriting turned out to be fantastic ... and believe me I know how much THAT costs!  

Frank Phills. Toronto. 


Do I really need to spend money online in order to make money? What about all the freebie programs out there? How do I know that your service is not just another way to get my money?

Well, I'm willing to bet that you've already joined a bunch of the "freebie" programs and you've never made any money. So at the risk of sounding like a "smart ass" ... let me say this. If you still believe that you can make money without spending any money, look at how much you've made thus far by going the "freebie" route! :-) 

So the real question is ... how much is being able to finally make money online really worth to you?  I would bet that it's worth much, much, much, much more than the $29.97 (now $19.97 for now) that you're gonna pay!  


I have spent tons of money online and I'm still yet to make any! What's up with that? Why should I spend even more on your service?

Unfortunately there are many, many people out there all selling "secrets" to making money online.  Unfortunately it's not enough to realize that in order to make ... you have to spend.

The key is that you have to know "where" to spend it. THAT'S where the problem occurs.  Even people who are willing to spend in order to make, (I prefer to call it investing in themselves) get disillusioned when they do so and still don't see results. 

On the other hand I know where to spend to get results.  That's the reason I've had the luxury of being able to work from home full time ... at my own pace ... on my own time ... without a boss etc ... for the last seven plus years.  So the advertising benefits that you're gonna be getting from my service is where I myself spend my money!   


 "it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out ..."

I originally found you while searching for effective Solo advertising in the Directory of Ezines where your newsletter is listed. I noticed that a Solo to the S.T.F was $100. However the link on your advertising page offering me a discount led me here. Ok, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that $29.97 (membership cost) plus $56 (Solo cost for TIF members) still is not as much as the $100 that is your "regular" Solos cost! Long story short ... thanks for making available this opportunity ... your Solos rock! "Chappy" Billings. New Orleans. USA. 


Ok, I hope the above answers all your questions ... if not feel free to contact me.

BTW, these questions were actually asked by the people who I ran this whole project by ... before it went live.  So if some questions seem as if they're coming from a "devil's advocate" point of view ... it's because I asked them to hit me with their best shots. :-)

Incidentally, since even without the "course portion", the membership's advertising benefits alone are worth over $400 monthly, most members of this level could care less about the "How to REALLY make money online" course. I found that really interesting. 

Ok, go back (just close this window by clicking the little "X" at the top right hand corner of your screen) to sign up now! You absolutely must join now to make sure that you get in before the 200 member limit is reached ... and/or the price is raised to its final rate of $39.97 per monthThis is probably gonna happen any day now!

Remember, an opportunity doesn't go away ... it just goes to someone else.  Multi-millionaire, Ben Feldman, said, "Most people don't do anything wrong. They simply don't do anything ... and THAT'S what's wrong."   


Don't YOU be like "most" people ... join us today to get your bonuses and to lock in today's price!  



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