As I mentioned, Iíve been doing Internet Marketing for a living (full time) for the last eight years.

Over the years Iíve been asked by a lot of friends, acquaintances, and even family members (my brother is an example!) as to what THEY can do to just make some EXTRA coin on the side.

Well, since what I do does take some "work", quite frankly what they would have to do would also take some work ... and be time consuming. Therefore I was never really able to help them out since they were looking for something simple and basically quick.  (Ok, so they were looking for a lazy way to just make some extra coin online. lol!)

Anyway, one of the things that I've learned over the years marketing my own products (and even some business opportunities for others, as their affiliate) is that a lot of people want to make some extra money on the side ... but they don't want to "join" or "do a business" to get it.

So here's my new benefit for my members ... starting right now ... every month I'm going to pass on to you something that will make you some cool money on the side ... without a lot of time and effort.

Now it's not gonna make you rich, (for that you'll have to go back to the page you came from to learn about the "REAL benefits of our membership)  but it will give you a chance to make some quick, simple money. 

Now I know you might be thinking ... most if not all the "non biz opp" opportunities to make money online don't work.  Not true!  They don't work ... IF you want to make a ton of money.  But for an opportunity to make between $200 to $2,000 per month ... it's entirely doable.

So what's the REAL benefit of this "benefit"? :)  Well, there are a ton of these "non biz opp" opportunities out there.  Some work better than others, some don't work well at all.  My job is to do the research that you would have had to do, to determine the BEST ones out there for the purpose of making some extra money on the side. 

Every month I'll be passing one on to you. It'll be one that I have personally tested (by doing exactly what it is that you will have to do to make money) and approved. Here's the criteria that I'm gonna use for my selections:

They must be:

1. Easy to do ... don't take a lot of time.

2. Universal ... in that people in most countries anywhere in the world can do them.

3. Simple to do ... no learning curve.

4. Pays a least a couple hundred a month with minimal effort.

In other words, the lazy man's way of making some extra coin online! BTW, I've already found a few. ;)

Ok, now just close this page to go back to where you were at ... so you can learn how to make some BIG money! 





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