Hello ... I don't know about you but I like to know at least a little something about the people that I'm doing business with on the net. 

I dunno ... it just sorta makes me a little more comfortable about giving them my money! :)

I suspect that since this is probably "normal"... chances are that YOU feel the same way. 

Therefore that's really the reason for this page.  Just to give you some information on "who" I am and "what" I'm about.

I live in Toronto, Canada (The great white North! lol!) and have been doing so for the past twenty years. 

However I was born in South America (in a little country called Guyana) and moved here in 1987.

Hobbies include Camping and Bodybuilding. (I was a former "Jnr Mr Guyana" bodybuilding champion back in the day) That's me in the middle when I was a wee bit younger. :)



I'm also big into Model Aeronautics, (Electric) which is a fancy way of saying building and flying model airplanes. :)   

My background is in the insurance industry in the accounting and admin fields.  However, I was never one for a job (I don't cope too well with "authority" lol!) and have always looked for a way to run my own business and control my own destiny. 

I've tried numerous businesses over the years and about twenty two years ago ended up in MLM or Network marketing. Quit my job soon after. Was doing reasonably well and ended up doing that for about three years full time.  

However, due to economic circumstances the company had to change its comp plan or go under. They cut commissions across the board by about 40% and overnight I was making an income that was just over half of what I had worked so hard to build up!

Went on to another MLM company ... did well there for a couple of years and then the same thing happened. Long story short ... I decided that the next "business" I found would have to be something that I could totally control ... if I failed ... it would be because of ME ... and if I succeeded it also would be because of ME. (Bit of a control freak, huh? :-)  

Went back into the corporate world and then in 1999 (being somewhat PC illiterate and not even owning a computer) I started browsing the Internet for ways to make money. Every where I turned I read that selling "Information Products" online was the way to "riches" etc. (Sound familiar? :-)

Over the years I had accumulated lots of notes and experience training people on how to succeed in MLM (It's an amazing business for people with the right personality) and it dawned on me that I just might have some "information" to sell!  I was so excited by the prospect of making money at home and fed up with my job that I quit the corporate world (again!) soon after.

I had about a years worth of income saved in the bank and decided to give it my best shot learning how to do this. It took me four months to get a website up, (no knowledge of how to put up a website) get a paltry trickle of visitors (no money to buy advertising) and get my first sale! Whoo hoo ... my first sale. 

A "MLM" book I wrote myself and sold for a whopping nineteen bucks! Of this I had to spend about eleven bucks on miscellaneous expenses and postage etc leaving me with net profit of about eight bucks! Not bad for four months work huh? :-) 

I say this not to scare you, but to tell you that if I could start like this and be where I am today ... ANYONE can do this with some determination and perseverance.  

Since then that book (and the site where it's sold) has become more and more successful ... I learned how to put my book in an electronic format (no more shipping to customers) and enable my site to accept credit cards.
Some time later it dawned on me that since I had a hard time setting up my site due in large part to the fact that at the time I had no "extra" money for paid resources ... maybe there were other people who were in the same boat.  Thus my second book was born! A book that taught people the whole process of selling info products online ... "on a budget". Aptly named "The Tightwad's 12 Step Formula For Online Success".
In October of 2003, I decided after many emails over the years from my newsletter subscribers (yes, I even learned how to publish a successful ezine! :) that what they really needed was something more specific (than they were getting from the newsletter articles) to help them make money online. Thus "The INNER Forum" (T.I.F) was born. 
T.I.F was originally just a forum for my subscribers to let them in on my secret advertising sources and my various personal advertising discounts.  It has since grown tremendously to what it is today. 
A complete money making course, advertising benefits, copywriting services, optimization services, access to effective advertising sources etc ... In short, ALL you need to finally make money online!  To say that it has been a success is an understatement.  So much so that initially people thought it was a scam! :)
Because of the amount of interest that it has garnered ... I have been able to help a lot of people along the way to finally make money online and along the way it has compensated me adequately. 
Its been a fun ride so far, this is my thirteenth year making a full time living online.  As a matter of fact my online business runs so well on its own that it's afforded me the time to start a personal training business in my spare time!  (Ok, so I don't like sitting idle!)
It's always been a dream of mine to help people with their fitness and health and this business has afforded me the time to do so.
In any event, to corroborate all of this "about me" stuff you can Google me and learn a little bit more ...
As far as making money online ...
Join us, will you? :-)
Warm regards, 

P.S. Have you  noticed that I don't "hide" behind the anonymity of the Internet like some of the "Big names" do? (grin)  On the contrary, the following is my FULL contact information!
  Mailing Address:
67 Amroth Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 416 726 4482


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